Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

sad news

Mein Fluglehrer auf dem Buschpilotenkurs, Allister Freeman, ist verstorben (clip-clip-clip).

"Airlink flight 8911, a British Aerospace Jetstream 41 (J41) aircraft, crash-landed at 0755am on the 24th September 2009 into Merebank Secondary School's sport field (close to Durban International Airport). The aircraft was on a positioning flight from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. The pilot steered the aircraft onto a vacant lot, narrowly missing houses, after which it slid through the concrete wall of a school. A woman who was cleaning the streets was slightly injured when hit by the aircraft, which then slid over him. The 29 seater aircraft had 3 crew on board (2 pilots and a flight attendant) and no passengers. [.....]
The crew (Captain Allister Freeman, Co-pilot Sonja Bierman and flight attendant Rudele Oosthuizen) were trapped in the cockpit for at least 2 hours before the wreckage could be cleared. At 11am the captain, flight attendant and co-pilot were taken by helicopter to St Augustine hospital. Flight Attendant Rodelle Oosthuizen sustained facial injuries and a fractured spine. Captain Alistair Freeman sustained multiple injuries including facial fractures, broken ribs and ankle and a suspected punctured lung. First Officer Sonja Bierman broke both her ankles and a hand and sustained fractures in the pelvic area and chest. A municipal worker, Abraham Mthethwa, who was cutting grass (and deserves a medal for working on Heritage Day) was injured and taken by ambulance to hospital."

Allister ist am 7. Oktober 2009 verstorben.


Bilder zum Unfall und weitere Infos hier.